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Martin Luther King

Before more than 40 years a black american man had a dream.
He dreamed of a world, where all the people have the same rights, unabhängig von ihrer Hautfarbe oder Religion: Martin Luther King.

1.Who was Martin Luther King?

Martin Luther King was an American Baptist minister and civil rights.
-He was born on 15 January 1929 in Atlanta (Georgia) and was murderd on 4th April 1968 in Memphis Tennessee
-1953 he married Coretta Scott in Alabama
-In the period between 1955-1968, he was more than 30 times in jail
-1964, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his great deeds awarded.
-On the third Monday in January, the Americans celebrate, "Martin Luther King Day"
-Martin Luther King has moved much in his life. He has fought for the blacks, which were previously known to second-class citizens:
         2.His enemies & friends
Enemies: -Ku Klux Klan (racist secret society of the South, 1865,established) because
of they began to enslave blacks again.
              -Racist whites which still aren`t considered in the equal rights
-The FBI, the American police and judicial tried to implent his targets.
Friends:-The Black Panthers (African-American civil rights,self-motion)
                -Malcolm X (1925-1965,( American leader of the civil-rights-movement)

2. The Montgomery bus boycott

It is only about 60 years ago, in the U.S. blacks and whites weren`t allowed to sit side by side in the bus, because the front rows were for whites and the back rows for the blacks.
But in 1955 a brave black woman resisted herself against this rule:On the first December 1955, when Rosa Parks tired drove home from work ,were only the front rows in the bus free. Rosa Parks sat down. As the bus driver asked her to vacate her place for a white passenger, she refused and just sat there. Just because of this she came for a few days in jail and also was sentenced to a fine.
The other black people from her village (Montgomery) were appalled about this injustice and decided (led by Martin Luther King) to ride the bus no longer until these rules are abolished and go all the ways by foot or their own cars instead.
The Mayor and the bus company thought the strike would last only a few days, but they were wrong, because the blacks hold together.
Only after exactly 382 Days Martin Luther King had reached his target: On the 21th December , a high U.S. court overturned the law of racial segregation in buses. His first non-violent resistance, in which time he survived three bomb attacks, against discrimination of blacks had been worth it, his efforts have also led him to the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC,1957)

3.Southern Christian Leathership Conference (SCLC)

The Southern Christian Leathership Conference is a US-American civil rights organization, which occurs for the rights of the African-American population.
She walked out in 1957 among several groups of protesters in the wake of the Montgomery bus boycott.
"Leader" of this organization was (see point 2) Martin Luther King , after his death took Ralph Abernathy this position.

3rd "I Have a Dream"

On the 28.August.1963 was the biggest demonstration against racism ever and for equal rights in Washington,.More than 250,000 people participated.

Martin Luther King`s speech "I Have a Dream" was a very important for jobs, freedom and equality, especially for the African-American population in the U.S.

On the 2.june , the racial segregation was banned by President Johnson and the Black people won, with this the "upright" (self-confidence).

The end
On the 4.april , Martin Luther King was shot by a escaped
Inmate named James Earl Ray, who was a fanatically white
 racist on the balkony of the Lorraine-Motel in Memphis ( Tennesse)


Martin Luther King has -in the true sense- the efforts and works of earlier american freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi , which fought from the beginning of the 16th century for racial equality led to the end.
More courageous civil rights activists in other countries who have also occured for racial equality, were for example Nelson Mandela, who has worked extensively to abolished the racism in South Africa. He spent 27 years of his life in prison in his fight for the elimination of racism. (Parallel to Martin Luther King, who was imprisoned even 30 times). Martin Luther King was based very much on the Method of nonviolent-resistance of Mahatma Gandhi.

That the U.S. is headed by a dark-skinned president today, is also due to taking the action of Martin Luther King.

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