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Hypermobility: too much of a good thing – Summary

The text “Hypermobility: too much of a good thing”, written by James Adams, is about the negative and positive aspects of mobility of the sick planet.
Hypermobility could create a pollution-free perpetual motion engine or ultimate Intelligent Transport Systems which increase the capacity of existing roads, rails and airports. Moreover there could exist computers which universally affordable and access for low prices to the Internet.
The result of the mobility could be cleaner and more efficient engines what makes traveling cheaper. In addition to that the already mentioned Transport System would reduce the time cost of travel. But this reducing of time is one of the biggest problems. The people would spend less time with those closer to home because the old-fashioned communities transform to sub-cultures characterized by interest. People would spend more time by travel in the real world or in the internet, talk with people face to face. People live only for themselves and don’t nursing their physically relationship. There is a totally isolation.
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