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Englischarbeit zum Üben (Relativ Clauses)

Alles zu Konditionalsätze (conditional clauses, if-Sätze)

English Exam (with answers)

1.) Vocab
2.) Used to or didn't use to
3.) Relative clauses
a) Defining relative clauses
b) Non-defining relative clauses

1. Fill in the missing words!

- Read these instructions carefully-they only _____ ______, when you read them step by step.
- Be careful when you open the box-it _______ 1246 pieces of our latest version of 'Make your own picture puzzle'!
- We strongly _________ opening the box on a table so that you won't lose any pieces.
- After having taken out the pieces from the box, _______ them ___ into two piles.
- Now each player starts to _______ his/her own pictures.
- For futher information _______ our full brochure. We'll send it to you free of charge.

2.) Write four sentences about what the people below used to or didn't use to do in the past.

a) Sixty years ago/great-grandparents/live in Spain
b) Fourty years ago/grandparents/go to the zoo
c) 20 years ago/parents/ shopping-mall
d) Ten years ago/ I /play with cars

3.a) Fill in the correct relative pronouns and underline the sentence numbers where you can leave out the relative pronoun.

1. It was the best fish ________ I've ever eaten.
2. A cat is an animal ________ catches mice.
3. A teacher is someone _______ makes you cry.
4. Where are the roller skates _______ grandma gave you last christmas?
5. Has anyone seen the book ________ I was reading?
6. They live in the house _______ roof is full of holes.

b) Connect the sentences with relative pronouns.

1. In 1965 Rhodesia was a British colony. It is now calles Zimbabwe.
2. Tambu tries to make enough money for her school fees. Her father wants her to stay at home and learn to cook.
3. Mr Matimba helps Tambu. He is a teacher.
4. Tambu gives the money to her headteacher. This is a good decision.

- Make sense
- contains
- recommend
- divide up
- create
- order
2. Sixty years ago my great-grandparents used to live in Spain.
Forty yeas ago my grandparents didn't use to go to the zoo.
20 years ago my parents used to go to a shopping-mall.
Ten years ago I used to play with cars.
3.a) 1. that/which
2. that/which
3. who
4. that/which
5. that/which
6. whose

1. In 1965 Rhodesia, which is called Zimbabwe now,was a British colony.
2. Tambu, whose father wants her to stay at home and learn to cook, tries to make enough money for her school fees.
3. Mr Matimba,who is a teacher, helps Tambu.
4. Tambu gives the money to her headteacher, which is a good decision.
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