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John Grisham - the firm and characterisation of Mitchell McDeere

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John Grisham – the firm

Characterisation of Mitchell McDeere
Mitchell McDeere ist he protagonist of John Grishams novel „the firm“, which was published in 1991.
He is 25 years old and married with Abby who teachs thirdgraders. Mitch and Abby have known each other since highschool and although they are very happy together, Mitch doesn't have a good relationship to her parents. They didn't want him to marry Abby because he was only a poor student with a bad family situation. His father was killed in the coal mines when Mitch was seven years old, his mother remarried and lives in Florida. He has two brothers: Rusty was killed in the age of eighteen in Vietnam and Ray is a criminal who is in prison. Ray and Mitch look very similar.
Mitch has light brown hairs, small blue eyes, high cheekbones, a large chin, weighs about one-eighty (that's about 80 kg), is ca. 190cm high, has an athletic body and he has a dark skin, so tghat people think there has to be Indian blood in his family. His clothing is inconspicuous but well-tended.
Mitch is very ambitious, already as a student he wanted to be the man with the best scoresand for this aim he studiedfar into night. At last he was a degree holder of Harvard and the firm chose him to be a lawyer at Bendini, Lambert & Locke.
The situation of working far into the night hadn't change: He wants to become the youngest partner in the history of the firm even if he has to work round-the-clock (P.70). He doesn't care that his wife is disappointed and mad at him because he has no time for her and she sees the neighbour oftener than Mitch. (P.148).
Personally I like the character of Mitch McDeere because he is the protagonist. I know his feelings, thoughts and his acting, because of that I feel an affinity for him.

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