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Summary & Opinion Essay of „The Patriot“

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Summary & Opinion Essay of „The Patriot“

In South Carolina in 1776 t he widower Benjamin Martin lives retired with his seven children on a
plantation. He is an ancient hero from the last war, with a dark past, who works now just as a carpenter
and worries about his children. Benjamin has still his weapons from that bloodthirsty time and barely a
day passes by, where he’s not afraid, that he probably will have to pay for his atrocities. A foretaste is
maybe, that his youngest daughter didn’t speak a word since her mother’s death.
His forebodings prove true. The American Colonies plan a Rebellion against the British, because their
want for independence grows from day to day. Benjamin is against the war, because he knows what
that would mean and so he tells his opinion with articulated words at the open council. On the other
hand his eldest son Gabriel is very excited about that action and he is one of the first volunteers, who
announces, that he wants to be a soldier in this war. Destiny plans that also his father will be involved
in it. After that, Gabriel fought near his family’s plantation. In his father’s house he can rescue
himself. Soon, the Britsh General Tavington appears with his troops and arrests the young man, as a
secret agent. They threaten him with the death penalty. Before they leave again, they first shoot his 15-
years old brother Thomas, while he is trying to rescue Gabriel and burn their house.
Benjamin Martin is full of hatred. He takes his weapons and his two younger sons to disrobe his oldest
son. They conquer around 20 redcoats until they can finally rescue Gabriel. Since that action
Benjamin’s name under the British was the „ghost“. After that, the man brings his children in safety to
his widowed sister-in-law Charlotte, and he and his son join the colonial army. Together with the
French officer Villeneuve, they build a ready witted militia. Gabriel looks in the village Pembroke for
other volunteer soldiers against the British. He has success in that and he also sees his great love Ann
Howard again. For Villeneuves surpise in a bad dive, Benjamin can also find good fighters. The
French officer trains the army hard, so that they become very effective soldiers. They grow fast to a
serious threat for the british colonel Lord General Cornwallis and his inferior Tavington.
One day, the Patriots attack the Loyalists and steal their British uniforms, the commander’s private
things, like memoirs, books, equipment items and his two dogs, which were gifts from the king.
Benjamin knows very well how he can use them for his purposes.
Cornwallis often has to stop the brutal colonel Tavington and tells him, that when the war is over
again, he will treat again with the colonists.
But after that Benjamin’s men didn’t just demolish the British supply ships, but Benjamin Martin
played Cornwallis a trick for the release of his soldiers, the Lord General gives Tavington the order to
find and kill the colonists. The colonel orders an American province in return, because even after a
victory in this war, he couldn’t really appear in Britain again.
Because Tavington can’t approach the colonial milita, he decides to fight against the civilians. First he
burns Charlotte’s plantation, but fortunately she and Benjamin’s children can escape. After that the
colonel kills scores of relatives and friends of the colonial militia. He also rounds up the villagers into
the church of Pembroke and burns it and all the people. Benjamin and all the other soldiers
arrive too late. Gabriel is lunatic from mourning, because he lost his beloved wife Ann. He wants
revenge, but the fight against Tavington costs him his life.
Benjamin Martin’s world is definitely broken. He actually wants to retreat from the militia and the
war, because now all his sorrows and fears have come true. It’s colonel Burwell, who convinces him
to stay, because he said that nobody could ever replace his sons, but only he could give their deaths a
That way, Benjamin charges into the war again with an American flag in his hand, which he had found
under Gabriel’s property. The battle of Cowpen should become the final turning point of the war.
At last, Benjamin stands eye to eye with Tavington and he can defeat him in honor for the Patriots,
colonists and last but not least his children.
This movie really affects me. It’s very tantalizing and I think in some extent, it realistically reflects the
war between the Patriots and the Loyalists of the American history. Many people probably think to
much blood is shown, but I think the real war was much more worse, than in this movie.
In my opinion everyone should see „The Patriot“ for a better understanding concerning the historical
background, good educational background and just to picture oneself how life went on in these times.
- summary of the movie "The Patriot" by R. Emmerich
- own opinion

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