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James Thurber "The very proper gander"

Alles zu James Thurber  - The very proper ganderThe given text “The very proper gander” by James Thurber is a fable about a gander who is mobbed by the others animals in a yard. The gander sings most of his time to his family a song. One day a hen hears this and misunderstands the phrase as “propaganda”. So she begins to spread rumours about him and the other animals continue to slander him. Finally the animals decide to drive away him and his family.

I think the author wants to tell us with this fable that many times we accept the judgments of others without asking. How the animals did it when the hen told them about the gander. Nobody asked the gander or proved the truth of the accusations. In this fable the author demonstrates how easy it is to manipulate persons and to use them for their own egoistic ideas. That’s a thing that happened in fables are the same that happen in the real word where rules and equality are more important than the individual person.

Summary and interpretation of the fable "The very proper Gander" by James Thurber.
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