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Facharbeit: Reading Log : Torn Away by James Heneghan

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Torn Away by James Heneghan - Reading Log

Table of Contents

1 Summary of the Book
2 Characterizations
2.1 Declan
2.1.1 Wanted! Poster: Declan
2.1.2 Declan's personal situation and political situation in Northern Ireland
2.2 Ana
2.2.1 A picture of Ana
2.3 Thomas
2.3.1 What is 'Mongoloid'?
2.4 Matthew
3 Summary of each Chapter in one or two sentences
4 Summary of each Chapter ( in detail) 4.1 Chapters 1-3
4.1.1 Diary entry from Declan to what happens in chapter 1
4.1.2 Chapter 2 from Mr Sanford's perspective (Inner monologue)
4.2 Chapters 4-6
4.2.1 Floor Plan of the Doyle-House -Ground Floor
4.3 Chapters 7-9
4.3.1 Dialogue between the Doyle-Family
4.4 Chapters 10-13
4.5 Chapters 14-16
4.6 Chapters 17-20
4.6.1 Comic: Hunting Trip
4.7 Chapters 21-22
4.8 Chapters 23-25
5 Reflection
6 Appendix
6.1 Vocabulary Chart
6.2 Reviews
6.3 Author James Heneghan
6.4 Other books written by James Heneghan
6.5 An e-mail written by James Heneghan as an answer to mine
6.6 Some questions about Torn Away
6.7 The Way of Declan and Matthew
6.8 Surroundings of Otter Harbour
6.9 Declan's changing behaviour towards animals

Torn Away-Summary

The novel 'Torn Away' by James Heneghan is about a young boy whose parents and whose sister died by a bomb attack in Ireland and who is now sent to Canada where his uncle lives. Declan is 13 years old, has got brown hair and brown eyes, a pale face, soft lips and he is wearing old clothes. He is not happy about being there and so, on the flight to Vancouver, he tries all to get back to Ireland, his native country. He flees from the flight attendant and the police but in the end he is caught nevertheless. In order that Declan won't run away again they tranquilize him. Arriving in Vancouver, he meets his uncle and they drive to his uncle's house in Otter Harbour, a village which is far away from Vancouver. Declan can see much of the landscape and many animals-also an eagle-and he thinks about how it must be to be free like them. In Otter Harbour, everybody is happy to see him and he gets to know his aunt Kate and his two cousins Ana and Thomas. Ana shows Declan where to wash and where to sleep and in the room he falls asleep directly. He oversleeps the dinner and in the early hours of the morning he has his usual nightmare and begins to cry.

Kate who comes to comfort him is pushed away by Declan and she goes away. Sunday morning he freshens up and he explores the house. After it he goes to the kitchen where his uncle and his aunt sit and his aunt notices that Declan needs some new clothes and a new haircut Matthew will do. But when she mentions that Declan will go to school Declan becomes angry and he is sure he'll never go there. When Thomas and Ana comes in Declan observes that Thomas is a Mongoloid. After visiting church and be introduced to the priest Declan wants to be on his own and wants to plan how to escape the best. Later he knows that he has to take his uncle's money to get to the airport and he does. Than he grabs a couple of soda bread, a green toque and a warm jacket. After it he goes to the harbour and takes a boat he has chosen the day before. But after a while the gas is too low. That's why he has to stop an find a new boat. But where he stop there is no other boat and so he walks along narrow trails. But he becomes thirsty and tired. He drinks water from a river.

Then he finds a boat and a little bit later he heads for the Horseshoe Bay that is near Vancouver. But suddenly there is a coast guard ship and they bring him to an officer. Arthur McKenzie, the officer, is angry and shouts at Declan but Declan keeps silent and that makes Arthur wroth. Then there is a good police man but Declan thinks that this is the good guy-bad guy routine and as the police man is careless a second Declan flees. At the airport he meets a girl called Lisa. She is from a school band and will spend two weeks in Scotland. The two manage to bring Declan into the plane but there Mr. McManus, the teacher in charge, discovers that Declan is not a school band member. Back in otter Harbour Matthew, Kate and Declan figure out an agreement that Declan has to stay until the end of December and that he has to go to school. Thomas and Ana are very happy to see him again but Declan does not matter. One time Declan, Thomas and Ana are at the beach and Ana asks Declan what has happened to his mother and his sister.

First Declan avoids this theme but then he tells all he sees in his nightmare- that Mairead and his mother have been drinking tea when suddenly the bomb has exploded. That he has joined the group Holy Terrors and that his Dad has been killed by a gun when Declan only has been three years old. Because of that Ana knows that it is crazy to go back but Declan want to. Back in Otter Harbour he perceive that Matthew and Kate are fixers- people that fix things and other people. In Pender School Declan feels under par. Joe, his project partner, has to do all the work alone and Declan gets to know the strong-arm man of the school. This boy, Lyle Dybinski, omits no chance to make fun of Declan. But soon, Declan does the first step to get to know Joe better. He helps him with the work but he does not listen to Joe's advice and punches Dybinski. The next morning he goes to the principal and is suspended from school for five days. Back home Matthew and Kate are very disappointed and talk to Declan. They remind him of the agreement he has done. Then Declan goes upstairs with Thomas to play. On the way back home Declan finds out that Ana and Thomas are not Kate and Matthew's real children. The two were taken in by Matthew and Kate when they were babies. But suddenly Ana becomes angry because Declan calls Thomas an idiot and he is no idiot. That's why Declan goes down to the beach and stays there until the evening. In school, Declan and Joe become more and more friends.

They eat together and do projects. But at home he sometimes shows his cruel side which he get in Ireland because of all the brutality there. He kills an old squirrel in the garden and he doesn't know what's wrong about it but Kate and Ana are upset and even Thomas is quiet. That is why Declan cannot sleep well that night. He thinks about the squirrel and then he has his nightmare again after a long time. One day Declan is in the kitchen and eyes a calendar with birds. Every month has his own bird and Declan begins to take every bird as what has happened or what will happen in this month. And in December there is an eagle and Declan thinks that this is an omen because in December he will be free like an eagle. And then he starts to scheme what he will do in Ireland. In school, Declan starts to feel comfortable because Joe is his new friend and they spend every day together. They talk and have fun. An evening Declan gives some thought to the last day of his mother and his sister. They all have been happy and Mairead has been looking forward to her day in the city. Suddenly Declan has been called to the principal's office and there he has heard the dreadful news. After that he walks home alone without thinking and then he has fallen into a deep black hole. He has joined the Holy Terrors and he has become that cruel he is today sometimes. A few days later Declan meets his uncle in the garage while Matthew cleans a rifle. Declan is taught in shooting by his uncle and afterwards they go hunting. And suddenly you can see Declan's sensible side because he doesn't want to kill an animal and rescues it. At home he settles in more and more because he talks to Ana about the life in Ireland and he begins to see Thomas like a little brother and they play games like siblings.

An evening, a storm comes up and the Doyles and Miss Ritter congregate at the porch. They drink tea and talk to each other. The next morning, the Doyles find a seal pup at the harbour. They take it home and try to pull it through. For Declan the days are dissolving and one day he finds Kate drawing at the beach and Kate connect the nature with the people's life. And this is a reason which causes that Declan thinks about it. In school, he gets along with Joe and they fight for fun- and then there is December and Declan is looking forward to go home but the Doyles try all to keep him in Canada. After he has killed the squirrel his attitude towards animals changes and he gives the seal pup a name- Harper- and is happy that Harper comes through. An evening Ana tells everyone that she has an important role in a Christmas play and then, Declan gets included into the family like into a real one and they are playing the play all together and have got much fun. A few days later Harper shall go home but Ana, Declan and Thomas does not want him to go. So, because Declan helps Ana that Harper can stay, they become friends more and more and Ana wishes that Declan will stay. Although they doesn't want to do it, the Doyles have to bring Harper back to the beach and let it out. And then the day has come on which Declan has to take responsibility for Thomas because Kate, Matthew, Ana and Leah, Ana's friend, go to Sechelt, the next bigger city. And later on he also has to pick up Miss Ritter who is drunk. That's why the Doyles, especially Kate, are proud of him. Instead of being happy about it he wants to go back to Ireland. On Christmas everyone is excited but Declan is only happy to be home soon.
Although the evening is nice Declan leaves them and later that evening Ana tells him once more that she wants him to stay. The day after Christmas Declan meets Matthew in the garage and there Matthew says that there is something important Declan has to know before going away. And then he tells Declan all about his and his brother's past- that his brother was shot by the IRA because he wanted to save his family and that Declan's Dad worked with the police. That upsets Declan and he runs away. He takes Matthew's truck and drives away. But then he navigates the truck into the ditch. The others are afraid but Declan wants to be alone. But because of Matthew who explains again and again that Liam, his Dad, loved his family so much that he died, Declan believes it and calms down.

The next morning, it becomes clear that Thomas likes Declan so much because Thomas always wants to do the same as Declan and then there is the new year. It is the day that Declan will go home. They all drive to the airport. On the way they all try to change Declan's opinion but Declan refuses the whole time. Then it is time to say Good-Bye and Thomas begins to cry. In the plane Declan thinks about what he will leave behind- about Joe, Thomas, Ana, Kate and Matthew and about what will await him in Ireland. And then he runs back to Matthew's car and waits there for the Doyles to live with them in Otter Harbour.

Characterization: Declan

Declan Doyle, a 13-year-old Northern-Irish Catholic, is the main character of the novel 'Torn Away' by James Heneghan published in 1994. On the one hand he is an angry and aggressive teenage terrorist but on the other hand he is a sensitive boy who hides his vulnerability from the world. Declan is small for his thirteen years, and wiry, with straight brown hair worn in a fringe across a wide brow. His eyes too were brown, brooding and dark in a pale face that would have been hard were it not for the lips which were full and soft. On the middle finger of his left hand he wears a gold wedding ring that had been his mother's. His mother was killed by a bomb because of which his sister also died.

Before that they have lived in a house in Belfast in Northern Ireland. His father has died when Declan was three years old and his mother has been pregnant. He has been shot down by the IRA in which he has been the second-in-command under the chief. In that year his aunt and his uncle has left Ireland to live in Canada without being afraid to die the same as Declan's father. After also his mother and sister have died Declan moves to his uncle and his aunt in Canada because they want him to have a better life there. First Declan is not convinced that Canada can give him good future prospects because he is missing his relatives' country. But after a while he begins liking his new family and he is making friends and that are the reasons that prompt him to stay in Canada. Joe is one of them. He is Declan's new friend. They get to know each other in school and after some problems they become more and more friends. Ana and Thomas, Matthew and Kate's two adopted children like Declan from the beginning. Thomas is a boy with a disability called Down-Syndrome.

That is why he shows his feelings more intensively like 'normal' people and Declan gets to sense it because Thomas really likes Declan. Ana walks home with him every day because they go to the same school. Ana tries to accustom Declan in school and in Canada but Declan does not let her. Kate, his aunt, and Matthew, his uncle, also try to help Declan feel good in Canada. Kate is a caring person and you can notice it about her behaviour compared with all her family. The cohesion in this family is a reason because of which he can get all off his chest. He can trust somebody. And then suddenly he kills squirrels and calls Thomas stupid names. There you can see that Declan has to different faces and that his time in Ireland has formed him to a cruel person but before all that trouble he was surely a nice boy in a happy family. All in all you can say that Declan is a boy who has problems to show his real feelings but if he gets the chance he talks about all what is on his mind.

Wanted Poster: Declan

Declan's personal situation and the political situation in Ireland

Page, Line

p.7, l. 55-
p.7, l. 64
More than two months the police tried to catch Declan but he could escape

again and again.
p.7, l. 65-
p.8, l. 32
Declan's best friend, Tim O'Malley, an his family wanted Declan to fly to

Canada to his uncle.
p.18, l. 3-
p.18, l. 41
Declan joined a gang and they threw stones at the British soldiers
p.19, l. 41

Life in Ireland is cruel and brutish.
p.49, l. 56-
p.50, l. 12
Declan's mum and sister were killed by a bomb when they were celebrating his

sister's birthday in a café in Belfast.
p.51, l. 53-
p.51, l. 54
Declan's father died in Ireland, too.
p.68, l. 34-
p.68, l. 38
The British soldiers prowl the streets and their cars patrol the cities.
p.80, l. 28-
p.81, l. 40
Everybody cared about Declan after his mother and sister had died.
p.90, l. 6-
p.90, l. 25
In Ireland the Catholics have pictures of the pope. On the houses' walls there

are graffiti which the Catholics and also the Protestants do. But although of

the cruelty Declan thinks that Ireland is beautiful.
p.129, l. 53

The IRA murdered Declan's dad.

Characterization: Ana

Ana Doyle is a 12-years-old girl is one of the novel 'Torn Away' by James Heneghan. She always tries to convince Declan to stay in Otter Harbour because she likes him so much. Ana is as high and thin as Declan. She has blonde hair, straight, chopped off flat at the jaw line. Her skin is very tanned which shows that she is often outside. She has pale green eyes and long blonde eyelashes. She wears some normal clothes. Her warm smile the narrator explains on page 27 in line 52 describes her as a nice person who laughs a lot and gladly.

Also she loves animals a lot which is a reason why she does not want to eat any animals (p.120, ll. 24-25) and why she provides for the seal pup Harper. Her parents have died when she has been a young girl. Her mother has died while Ana has been a young baby and her father died in a logging accident six years before (p.63, ll.53-54). Matthew and Kate has taken her because Matthew has worked with Ana's dad logging. Although Kate and Matthew are not her real parents and Thomas is not her real brother she loves them all. But later she is sometimes angry about Thomas because he does the same as Declan. Nevertheless she doesn't want anybody to call Thomas an idiot and also Declan should not do (p.63, l.64). When Declan does things like that Ana really hates him but with the time she begins liking him and at the end she tries to convince him to stay more than one time. Because Declan ameliorates Ana is proud of him (p.61, l.70).

So all in all Ana is a very caring but sometimes also very angry person.

A Picture of Ana
I think Ana could look like this. I think that Ana could look like this.

Characterization: Thomas

Thomas Doyle, a young boy about 9 years with the Down-Syndrome, is one of the main characters of the novel 'Torn Away' by James Heneghan published in 1994. He has the Down-Syndrome but nevertheless he is loved a lot. Thomas is heavy and almost as tall as Declan. He wears normal clothes. His voice like a 5years- old boy and his features point at him being a boy with the Down-Syndrome. Also his character shows that he has the Down-Syndrome because he expresses his feeling more than 'normal' people.

So if he is happy to see somebody he hugs the person and welcome them like a puppy (p.21, l.40). And if he is sad he doesn't talk for a long time. When Thomas has been younger the priest has found him on the steps of the chapel. Because the Father has been new in the parish he has had no idea what to do and Matthew and Kate has adopted him. From that point Thomas lived in the Doyles' house. Matthew and Kate, his new parents, love him as their own son. They do all that Thomas feels good and that he is in good hands with them. Ana loves Thomas, too, and she defends him whenever someone says something bad about him like Declan does it one time. But although Declan calls Thomas an idiot he likes him and Thomas likes Declan, too. Thomas enjoys their little games and he hugs him a lot.

In conclusion Thomas is a lovely boy with a disability which he doesn't let it show.

What is 'Mongoloid'?

Mongoloids are persons who have got the Down Syndrome. Down syndrome or trisomy 21 (also Down's syndrome) is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome. It is named after John Langdon Down, the British doctor who first described it in 1866. The condition is characterized by a combination of major and minor differences in body structure. Often Down syndrome is associated with some impairment of cognitive ability and physical growth as well as facial appearance. Down syndrome is usually identified at birth. Individuals with Down syndrome can have a lower than average cognitive ability, often ranging from mild to moderate mental retardation. Developmental disabilities often manifest as a tendency toward concrete thinking or naïveté.

A small number have severe to profound mental retardation. The incidence of Down syndrome is estimated at 1 per 800 to 1 per 1,000 births. Many of the common physical features of Down syndrome also appear in people with a standard set of chromosomes. They include a single transverse palmar crease (a single instead of a double crease across one or both palms), an almond shape to the eyes caused by an epicanthic fold of the eyelid, shorter limbs, poor muscle tone, and protruding tongue. Health concerns for individuals with Down syndrome include a higher risk for congenital heart defects, gastroesophageal reflux disease, recurrent ear infections, obstructive sleep apnea, and thyroid dysfunctions. Early childhood intervention, screening for common problems, medical treatment where indicated, a conducive family environment, and vocational training can improve the overall development of children with Down syndrome. Although some of the physical genetic limitations of Down syndrome cannot be overcome, education and proper care will improve quality of life

Characterization: Matthew

Matthew Doyle who is about 40 or 50 years old is one of the main characters of the novel 'Torn Away' by James Heneghan. He is the leader of the Doyle-Family and is a quiet man who thinks much but don't talk. Matthew is someone who works outside a lot which you can conclude because of his big and gnarled hands with the spatulate, halfmoon nails. He also comes across as a sad man which could be because of his past. From his clothes you can see that he is no business-man. He wears brown cords, brown boots, a green cotton shirt and a stained car coat. He is characterised by his tranquility which is expressed by the narrator(p.17, l.30) telling us he is no great talker.

That Matthew is altruistic is additionally illustrated by his adopting Ana, Thomas and, in a way, Miss Ritter. In his past he lived in Ireland but because of the brutality in this country he emigrated to Canada with his wife Kate. He was in the IRA like Declan's dad but after Declan's mum has been in prison and his brother has been shot he took flight so that the same does not happen to Kate. In Otter Harbour he has begun a new life. He has adopted two children with Kate and when Declan needs help he is there for Declan. He lives for his family and only wants the best for them. He has been living together with Kate for many years. He loves his two adoptive children Ana and Thomas and helps them whenever he can. With Declan there is a specific connection. Declan is the son of the man who rescued Matthew's life and who is his brother. So, although Kate doesn't want him to do it he teaches Declan in shooting and hunting and so the two establish a relationship what is the most important for Declan to feel good in Canada even if Declan was doubtfully at first because it seemed like Matthew was interested in helping Declan. So in conclusion, Matthew is a man who understand people and know how he can comfort them. And he does the best to do it.

Summary of each Chapter

Content( who?/what?/ where?/why?)
I) Declan's Flight
On the flight to London Declan can manage to

flee. But the police can catch him and so he is

handcuffed to the seat again.
II) The Night in London
Arriving in London Declan is brought to an

immigration office and after it into a room

where he shall sleep.
III) Arriving in Vancouver
The next morning he flies to Vancouver and

meets his uncle Matthew the first time.
IV) The Way to Otter Harbour
In Matthew's car Declan notices that his uncle is

a very silent person and that's why he focuses on

the landscape and the animals.
V) Matthew, Kate, Ana & Thomas
In Otter Harbour Declan is cordially received

by his aunt Kate, Thomas and Ana.
VI) The Doyle's House
After sleeping a long time Declan he looks about

in the Doyle's house.
VII) Declan's 2 nd Flight
The next morning he tries to escape again and so

he steals a boat but later he has to find a new

VIII) In the 2 nd Boat
He detects one and shortly before he reaches

Vancouver the police trace him.
IX) Flight from the Police
At the police Declan can flee and at the airport

he manage to get into the plane but at the end he

leaks out.
X) Back in Otter Harbour
Matthew, Kate and Declan try to find a plan that

Declan has to stay in Otter Harbour until the end

of December and he has to go to school.
XI) The Bomb Attack
At the beach Declan tells Ana all about his past

and the bomb attack.
XII) Pender School
Declan does not feel well at school and even

fights with a boy.
XIII) The two Fixers Matthew & Kate
Because of his behaviour Matthew and Declan

talk to Declan and remind him of his agreement.

Also Ana is angry because Declan says that

Thomas is an idiot.
XIV) Killing a Squirrel
Because Declan kills a squirrel the Doyles are

upset but Declan does not know why. This is the

first time that he reconsiders his behaviour.
XV) A new Friend
Declan is looking forward to go back to Ireland

although he is getting friends in Canada.
XVI) The recurring Nightmare
A Night Declan thinks about the last day of his

mother and his sister and the days afterwards.
XVII) Go Hunting
After Matthew teaches Declan shooting they go

hunting but suddenly Declan can't kill any

animals any more and he rescues their lifes.
XVIII) The Storm
After a big storm because of which all come

together they find a little seal pup at the harbour

and rescue it.
XIX) Something like a Family
Declan's behaviour changes more and more- he

likes animals and gets on with the Doyles.
XX) The Days in Otter Harbour
Although Ana tells Declan that he should stay

and that the Doyles do everything for making

him reside Declan still wants to go back to

XXI) Alone with Thomas
Because the others are away Declan is alone

with Thomas and they have much fun. Later

Declan has to fetch Miss Ritter who is drunk and

the Doyles are proud of Declan.
XXII) Christmas Day
Then it is Christmas and everybody is happy

except of Declan who is only happy to be home

XXIII) The Truth
The next day Matthew tells Declan the truth

about Liam's death and that upsets Declan.
XXIV) Anger& Desperation
Declan is so desperate that he takes Matthew's

car to drive away but he drives into the next

XXV) Back Home
On the way to the airport the Doyles try to

convince Declan to stay and at the end he does.

Summary Chapters 1-3

The chapters 1-3 of 'Torn Away' deal with Declan's journey to Canada from Ireland with all its problems. The protagonist Declan should be brought to his uncle in Canada with a plane but he refuses to go there and tries to flee. His first try is in the plane in Ireland. He wriggles his hands out of the handcuff and runs to the parking lot. There he jumps into a car and drives away. After a chase the police can manage to catch Declan and bring him back to the plane. During the flight Declan thinks about what he leaves behind- his friends, especially Tim O'Malley and his family-and that's why he starts crying. In London, Declan is brought to an immigration office where a man called Mr. Sanford waits. They clear up some formalities and then Mr. Sanford takes Declan to a room in which Declan should sleep a while. When a woman brings food Declan tries to escape a second time but he can't. In the night he has hi nightmare in which he dreams of a bomb exploding. He wakes up and is unsettled where he is. The next morning Declan tries to escape again while a woman brings food but also this time he does not manage it. In the plane Declan wants to flee the fourth time while he uses a walk to the toilet as a pretext. In Canada he is taken to another office where his uncle waits. The two see each other the first time and so they are very silent.

Declan's Diary Entry


Dear Diary,
what shall I do? Now I'm sitting here in London in the cell and I am waiting for the flight to Canada tomorrow. Today was a long day. I sat handcuffed in the plane to London. Then I had the chance to escape and I did it. I was so excited because I thought I would stay home. Two months I could escape but then the police has caught me nevertheless. Well, while I was escaping the police chased after me. Then I ran to the parking area. There I took a car and drove away. First all was good and I was happy but then they managed to stop me because they cut me off at the exit. I had to go back to the plane and this time they handcuffed me to the seat again but very tight so that the steel bit into my wrist. Then we started and the police man besides me read his newspaper. During the flight I thought about the O'Malleys in my neighbourhood and especially their son Tim- my best friend. They had thought that it would be good to fly to Canada to Matthew, my uncle. But I can't leave my family behind like Matthew had done it once. Although of this sad things I can't understand why I started crying. Fortunately, the police man didn't see anything

Chapter 2 from Mr Sanford's perspective

One more day, I have to go to work and one more day I will have to postmark passports. Maybe it will be juicy today. Oh, there is the first. Let me see what his name is. He looks very young. And it seems that he is very angry. Ah, his name is Declan. Did I say it wrong? Why is he so aggressive? I said it wrong one time and he corrected me. I think now it is enough! Why must he get upset immediately only because of one word? Maybe I should excuse myself. So I do, but why wants he to go away? Someone told me that he will live with his uncle in a house in Canada. I think that this is nice, also because his family died in Ireland. And what does that mean? I asked him to sign and he writes something Gaelic looks like: Tiocfaidh ár iá. Ah, it means Our Day Will Come. That was the first nice sentence I heard from him today. But then, why does he hates the British so much? Well, that is done. I have to handcuff him they told me although if I think that no child should be handcuffed, but direction is direction. Wow he is really surprised that I will fly with him to Canada. Nobody explained it to him. I'm so sorry for him that he is classified as dangerous- a poor little boy who lost all. He is aggressive-yes- but I don't think he's that dangerous. But now I will go home and tomorrow there is the long flight to Canada- I hope without any problems- but I cannot imagine.

Summary Chapters 4-6

The chapters 4-6 deal with Declan's and Matthew's car drive to Otter Harbour and Declan's first days there. On their ride to Otter Harbour Declan as well as Matthew don't speak much. So Declan has time to remember his gang in Ireland- the Holy Terrors_ and what they have done. That they have thrown stones at the British soldiers and that they've become young terrorists. Then Declan pays attention to the forests through which they drive. Arriving in Otter Harbour he meets his new family. In the house Ana shows Declan where to sleep and Declan falls asleep immediately. Because Declan cries after his nightmare Kate comes in but Declan pushes her away and sleeps again. The next morning he goes through the house and looks where to find what. Kate and Matthew are in the kitchen and Kate begins talking the same moment Declan comes in. Then Ana and Thomas come downstairs, too, and Declan notices that Thomas has the Down-Syndrome. After their visit in the Mass in church Ana should show Declan Otter harbour but Declan wants to be alone to make plans for his escape

Floor-Plan of the Doyle's House
This is a map of Matthew's house's ground floor.

Summary Chapters 7-9

The chapters 7-9 of the novel 'Torn Away' deal with Declan's flight from Otter Harbour. Because Declan has made a plan he grabs all things he will need and goes out of the house. He walks to the Harbour and goes to a boat he has chosen the day before. He starts it and is very excited because he is on the way back home he thinks. After a few hours there is only about half a tank left and then it is too low and he has to stop at an island. At the beach he tries to decide what to do next and settles that he has to find another boat. After an hour he hears a noise which sounds like a truck and when he finds the truck he has luck because there is also a dock with several boats. Declan waits and when the truck leaves he starts one of the boats. Then he sees the ferry on which he has been when has driven to Otter Harbour with his uncle. But suddenly there is a coast guard search-and-rescue vessel. Then Declan is in an office where a police man talks to him. Because Declan is pert the officer gets angry. Then another one comes in and he is a nice man but Declan thinks that this is the good man-bad man game. When the nice man goes out Declan can manage to escape and drives to the airport with a taxi. There he sleeps the night and the next morning he meets a girl who will fly to Scotland with her school band. They plan that Declan will go into the plane with the band but there Declan is caught and he is brought to he office he has been when he has arrived in Canada.

Dialogue between the Doyle-Family

The morning on that Declan bunks Ana comes downstairs worried. In the kitchen Matthew and Kate are talking and Thomas is eating his breakfast.

Ana: Have you seen Declan? He is not in his room. I cannot find him!

Matthew: I haven't the faintest idea. But obviously eh tries to run away again.

Thomas: Obvi...obviou.

Kate: We should have been more attentive. We should have known better what he thought. But we didn't. What can we do? We have to search for him!

Matthew: Calm down. We will find him! First I will call the police and then we will see. But now keep still. To be excited can not help now. (phone the police) Hello? This is Matthew Doyle. I want to post as missing my nephew Declan Doyle. He is thirteen years old. He is small for his thirteen years, and wiry, with straight brown hair worn in a fringe across a wide brow. His eyes, too, are brown, brooding and dark in a pale face. The lips are full and soft. He wears old blue jeans, white cotton socks, worn-out sneakers, a blue cotton T-shirt, and an old grey wool sweater. He wears no watch, but on the middle finger of his left hand he has got a gold wedding ring... When we noticed that he is away? Maybe five or six minutes ago, but he must be away since two hours because then my wife and me woke up... We think that he wants to get back to Ireland, his natives' country. If we can imagine that he has stolen a boat?

Ana: I know that he was at the harbour yesterday. I saw him going there after church.

Matthew: Yes, we think that he could have stolen the boat you talk about. Thomas begins to cry

Kate: But Thomas, why do you cry? Thomas: Declan...not steal!

Ana: (tries to calm Thomas) Thomas, we do not know exactly but it seems so. Sorry.

Thomas: (runs away and cries) No Thomas...not steal...

Matthew: Ana, please go and look after Thomas.

Ana chases after Thomas and they walk upstairs and into Thomas' room.
Kate, do you have any idea of Declan's whereabouts? I'm sure he is going to the airport. But how do he want to get into the plane?

Kate: Do call the airport in Vancouver and tell them they shall be heedful if there is a boy looking like Declan.

Matthew: That will do the police.

Kate: Well, then there is nothing to do but waiting until the police will phone. A few hours later the police calls.

Matthew: (listens) ...Thanks I'll set out immediately. ( to Kate, Thomas and Ana who come downstairs when they hear the telephone)

They have found Declan on the airport. A girl has helped him to get into a plane to Scotland. I will go and pick him up

Matthew leaves.

Summary Chapters 10-13

The chapters 10 to 13 of the novel 'Torn Away' by James Heneghan deals with Declan's new life in otter Harbour after he has taken flight a second time. Declan, Matthew and Kate arrange a deal that Declan has to stay in Otter Harbour up to and including December and that he has to visit school. If he achieves it Matthew will give him the money for his flight back. Ana and Thomas who hear all from the stairs are happy for Declan being back. One Day they go to the beach together. While Thomas is playing Ana and Declan descend to the bomb attack because of which his mother and his sister have died. Before Ana he has never told someone about it but now he has somebody to trust and he can get all off his chest. Soon, he has is first day in school and there he feels queasy and get no friends, only a project partner. Another boy because of which everyone at school is scared begins to call Declan names. Then one day it is too much for Declan and he punches the boy. Because of his fighting Declan is suspended from school for five days. Back home Matthew and Kate remind him of his agreement and afterwards Declan betters himself. He makes friends with Joe, his project partner. He finds out that Ana and Thomas are not his real cousins but that they have been adopted by Matthew and Kate when they were really young. When Declan asks about Thomas he calls him an idiot and that's the reason why Ana gets angry and leaves him alone at the beach.

Summary Chapters 14-16

The chapters 14-16 of the novel 'Torn Away' deal with Declan's changing behaviour in Otter Harbour. In school Declan makes friends with Joe but at home Declan is still cruel. Because he wants to show Thomas what he has done in Ireland he makes a nail bomb and throws it at a squirrel. That's why Ana gets angry and also Thomas who is happy most of his time gets very angry. Declan does not understand what's wrong about it. And the night after the squirrel Declan has his nightmare the first time after a long while. In the kitchen there is a calendar and Declan marks the day he will go home with a red pen. He wants to go back as fast as possible because he is homesick. In spite of his homesickness he plays with Joe and they become friends and also Ana says that she thinks that Declan looks healthier which means that he feels good in Canada. One night when Declan cannot sleep he remembers the bomb attack and the days that come afterwards and that they were very bad.

Summary Chapters 17-20

The chapters 17-20 deal with the dissolving days in Otter Harbour and Declan's feeling that he belongs there. One day Declan meets Matthew in a garage cleaning a riffle and then he learns how to fire one. Although Kate is angry that Matthew teaches Declan Matthew and Declan go on a hunting trip. After a while they find a buck and Declan should shoot but then he sees the long legs and thinks about his sister with her long legs and he is unable to kill it. Because they can't find it again they want to go back to the truck. Suddenly there's a cougar and Declan gets scared but Matthew tells him to calm down. Another day he talks about Belfast and tells Ana all about it. Ana thinks that Declan should stay but Declan wants to go home because he thinks that he is needed there. Suddenly there comes the feeling that he would miss Ana and Thomas if he would go home. After a storm the three find a seal pup at the harbour and they take it home to Matthew and Kate. A few days later they think about a good name for the seal pup and finally, Declan finds a good one- Harper. One evening Ana tells the others that she has an important role in a Christmas play and then they all learn together like a real family and they have much fun. Whenever Ana has to stay in school to learn for it Declan stays with her and they drive back home together. One day they o home Ana tells Declan that she really likes Declan and that she wants him to stay.

Summary Chapters 21-22

The chapters 21-22 of the novel 'Torn Away' deal with the few days left until Christmas. Sometime it is time for Harper to leave but Declan feels something he never has felt beforea surprising, jolting sense of loss. A few days later Kate and Matthew want to go shopping and Ana wants to go to the cinema with her friend Leah. That's why Declan has to look after Thomas this evening. But suddenly there is a telephone call. Miss Ritter the woman that lives with the Doyles is drunk and so Declan goes to the bar with Thomas to pick up Miss Ritter. When the Doyles come back they are very proud of Declan that he has managed all that well. And then it was Christmas. Everybody around Declan is excited but Declan who asserts more than one time that he hates Christmas wants to be alone. The evening Ana, Thomas and Declan talk about Declan leaving Otter Harbour soon. Ana and Thomas are very sad and also Declan is not happy but he is convinced that he has to go home.

Summary Chapters 23-25

The chapters 23-25 of the novel 'Torn Away' deal with Declan's decision if he should go home or not and what the Doyles do that he will stay. The morning after Christmas Matthew wants to talk with Declan. He tells him that Declan's dad was shot by the IRA and not- as Declan believe- by the Protestants or the British soldiers. Declan is destroyed and runs away to Matthew's truck and wants to drive away but he only drives into the next ditch. Matthew is worried about if Declan is hurt but Declan is desperate and wants to be alone. Then it's the day that Declan should leave Otter Harbour. While the drive to Vancouver to the airport the Doyles try to convince him to stay but Declan does not want to go back to Otter Harbour. At the airport Thomas starts crying but Declan gets on the plane. There he thinks about what he leaves behind- Joe, Ana, Thomas, Kate and also Matthew. That is the reason why he runs back to Matthew's truck and waits there for the Doyles to drive back to Otter Harbour.


Reading the book:
After reading the book I have to say that it was easy to read and that I really liked it because I knew most of the vocabulary and if not I could understand them from the context. If there was nevertheless vocabulary I could not understand I either looked it up or I continued with reading and overjumped the word. The first time I read the text for detail so that I knew exactly about what the novel is. The second time I scanned the text for the points I have to know to write the summaries and the third time I only skimmed the text for the creative tasks.

Doing the Reading Log:

For doing the reading log I had to read the novel thrice. My strategy was that I first read it to know the book. The second time I read it to write the summaries and the characterizations and during the last time I did the creative tasks. But before beginning with it I thought about what I can do to do an interesting reading log and I wrote a raw version of my Table of Contents so that I got a general overview of what I wanted to create.

Vocabulary chart

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FROM ANDREA DEAKIN IN THE VANCOUVER SUN (June 25, 1994). ...This is a powerful story, fast-paced yet contemplative, enriched by skilful use of symbolism and a cast of appealing, real people. With "Torn Away", Vancouver author James Heneghan has moved to the forefront of North American writers for young adults.

FROM MARY FRANCES HILL IN THE VANCOUVER COURIER (June 5, 1994). ...It's the first time Heneghan's work has been exposed to young U.S. readers. Heneghan, who's been writing youth books since 1979, grew up in Liverpool, England. Born of Irish parents, he lived in Ireland for six years as a child and came to Canada in 1957. Rather than provide a hard narrative on Irish-British politics, Heneghan describes the plight of Northern Ireland through Declan's raw emotion and his desire to avenge his family's death. In "Torn Away", Declan resists gestures of warmth and kindness from his aunt and uncle with continual assurance he'll never turn into a "fixer," or someone who shows compassion. But the serenity of B.C., the friendship of a First Nations boy and another orphan taken in by his aunt and uncle bring humanity and a sense of hope to his life. Heneghan says he was inspired by journalistic scenes of young people attending funeral of their parents and family members who fell victim to the violence in the fractured country. Heneghan is no stranger to violent scenes. As a police department worker in Britain and Vancouver, he photographed and sketched scale drawings of murder scenes. He worked as a fingerprint technician for the Vancouver police department until 1971. He taught English from 1972-82 at Burnaby Heights school, where he found young "non-readers who didn't like what was on the curriculum." As a teacher he saw the benefits of literature being taught, but understood adolescents' desire for escapism and vicarious adventure. "I like to write what I would have read when I was a kid," says Heneghan, who recalls "devouring" books depicting violence and adventure, such as "The Saint" novel series. Heneghan says he's braced for the inevitable criticism of depicting violence in a book for young people: one Canadian publisher turned the book down due to its portrayal of violence in Declan's life. Heneghan doesn't take seriously the claim these depictions move youth to commit violent acts. Violence "has more to do with unemployment than anything else," he says. "Torn Away" and such images on TV and in movies often have a cathartic effect. "Some people won't want their kids to read it. My answer is, 'This is happening. This is the world we are living in.'"

FROM HAZEL ROCHMAN IN BOOKLIST (Grades 7-10). ...The story is satisfyingly predictable: we know that Declan will slowly become less rebellious and succumb to the love of his relatives and to the wild beauty of the coastal town near Vancouver. The moral is clear: violence solves nothing. That lesson's too heavily underlined at times, especially with the suddenly interposed revelation that Declan's father was not a hero, but an informer. However, readers will feel for the desperate boy nearly destroyed by civil war. The best scenes evoke his haunting memories of guns and firebombs and contrast those nightmares with the rich silence of the wilderness and the kindness of community.

FROM HORN BOOK. Thirteen-year-old Declan is sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Canada after he tries to avenge the deaths of his mother and sister by performing terrorist activities in Northern Ireland. The story of how he comes to accept the love and contentment offered by his new, makeshift family is thoughtful and moving. -- Copyright © 1994 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

ANDREA DEAKIN IN THE VANCOUVER SUN. With Torn Away Heneghan has moved to the forefront of North American writers for young adults.

QUILL&QUIRE. Powerful... fast-paced and engrossing action. Highly recommended.

Author James Heneghan

James Heneghan was born in 1930. He grew up in Liverpool and Belfast. He went to the De La Salle Grammar School in Liverpool after which he joined the Royal Air Force from 1949-1951. After that he worked as a shipping clerk and a policeman. In 1957 he emigrated to Canada and settled in British Columbia where he continued working with the police, being a fingerprint technician for the Vancouver Police for the following 12 years. At the age of 39 he enrolled at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C., where he obtained his BA in English and Political Science and then became an English teacher in the Burnaby School District for the next 20 years- until he retired. Apparently life as a pensioner did not seem quite what he would have been satisfied with. When asked the reason for becoming an author, he once quite unpretentiously answered: ''I retired from teaching and needed something to do; it was either writing, golf, cross-country running or training for an Olympic gold in underwater hockey, I chose writing. Besides I needed the money.'' Before Torn Away, he published Puffin Rock (1980), Goodbye, Carleton High (1983), Blue(1992), a story about a boy and his dog, which is his personal favourite, and Wish Me Luck (1997), which is his most autobiographical novel to date. With his wife Lucy, James Heneghan presently lives in Vancouver. He has four grown up children.

Other books written by James Heneghan

SAFE HOUSE Twelve-year-old Liam is on the run after his parents are murdered by the IRA.
This headlong edge-of-the-seat race through the treacherous world of contemporary Belfast, is both an exciting adventure and a primer on the history of the conflict in Northern Ireland and the futility of tit-for-tat revenge.

FLOOD Andy Flynn is one of those saved, but his mother and stepfather both die in he flood.
Suddenly the only world that Andy has ever known is gone and he is alone. Aunt Mona, whom he has never met, takes him to live with her in Halifax, on the opposite side of the country. During the trip, Aunt Mona reveals to him that his father is still alive -- and living in Halifax. As soon as they reach their destination, Andy ecapes to find his father. Although Vincent Flynn may not be the perfect father, Andy wants to stay with him rather than live with his harsh aunt. After all, Vincent is fun, and he has promised Andy he will find a real job so they can move to a nicer place than the seedy Mayo Rooms. But even with a bit of help from the Little People, Andy's father can't seem to keep his word.

WISH ME LUCK Jamie Monaghan wishes the war would hurry up and arrive in Liverpool.
Despite the nightly air raids, the food rationing, and the gas masks he and his friends have to carry with them at all times, World War II has had little effect on life in Jamie's neighborhood. Jamie longs for a taste of the drama and excitement he hears about every night on the radio. Soon the war hits a little too close to home. Fearing for Jamie's safety, his parents arrange for him to travel to Canada aboard the City of Benares, a ship carrying 100 young British evacuees. But in wartime, danger lurks in the most unexpected places. Instead of carrying Jamie away from the front lines, the ship brings him closer to battle than he or his parents ever would have dreamed possible. Before his voyage is complete, Jamie's courage and heroism will be put to the test, and his life will be changed forever.

WAITING FOR SARAH Mike's parents and sister are dead and his legs are gone. The horrific
accident that shattered his life continues to haunt him. When we grudgingly returns to school and a life that he no longer understands, Mike is bitter and unwilling to participate in school life. To avoid one of his classes and get more time away from his classmates, Mike agrees to put together a 50th Anniversary history of the school. Looking forward to time alone, he is annoyed when a young girl shows up in the archives on a regular basis. Sarah seems too young to be a student in the school, but her resemblance to Mike's sister and her bubbly personality have him intrigued. She gradually draws him out of his shell and manages to interest him in the archives project, and more importantly, in life itself. As their relationship grows and changes, Mike slowly becomes convinced that Sarah is more than just another student. When he discovers the shocking secret she is carrying, he sets out to give Sarah the peace that she so desparately needs.

And also

James Heneghan's E-Mail

Dear Mr Heneghan,
first of all you should know that I'm a 14-years-old pupil from Germany. At the moment we are reading Torn Away as a reading in school. What I want you to ask is if you maybe could tell me where exactly Otter Harbour is? It would be nice if you could answer because we-my class and me- have to write a reading log and I want to put a map in there where you can follow Declan's way to Otter Harbour after arriving in Vancouver. Furthermore, I have to say that- although I have read many English books- yours is one I can understand without looking up many words. And if you have the time it would be a great pleasure if you can tell me what other books of yours are recommendable for a 14-years-old girl because I really would like to read other books you have written.
Yours sincerely,
Joline Bögershausen

Dear Joline:
Otter Harbour is a fictional place. I made it up. It is, however, strongly based on an actual place on British Columbias Sechelt peninsula, a place called Pender Harbour. Torn Away is also available in German, in Germany, as is Wish Me Luck (dtv junior), and Flood, (German title Im Schutz des Kleinen Volkes Dressler Publisher) Books in English I think you might like are: Wish Me Luck (again); Flood (again); The Grave; Safe House (set in Northern Ireland like Torn Away). I dont know whether these are available in Germany however. I will attach further information. Good luck with your studies. Sincerely. James Heneghan

Some questions about Torn Away

The following questions are questions I asked James Heneghan in some e-mails I have written while doing the reading log.

What were your reasons to write the story of Declan Doyle?

I write books for young people. It is what I do; it is my work; I enjoy writing and am always on the lookout for
fresh subjects and ideas.. I chose to write about a boy I saw in a magazine picture (see next question).

Where did you get the idea for this story?

An article in a magazine called "Children of War” included the story of a boy attending the funeral of their father, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, who had been murdered by a gang of terrorists, shot down while relaxing in a pub with his friends at the end of the day. A picture showed the boys standing beside the coffin, There was a crowd of mourners. There were flowers. I decided to write the boy’s story as a novel, substituting a mother & little sister for the dead father.

Is Torn Away a true story?

No, it is a work of fiction based on true events. My novel tries to show what it is like to be a boy in Northern Ireland, one who has lost his family in the senseless sectarian war (the "Troubles”) that has been going on for so many years. The events in my story are the same kinds of events that appear in the daily newspapers.

Have you had the same experiences as Declan?

No. But the problems of the Irish children interest me because I am Irish & English & Canadian; I lived in "Southern” Ireland when I was a child, but never actually experienced the problems that Declan in Torn Away encounters in Northern Ireland. My "experience” comes from researching newspapers, magazines and books on the subject.

Do you have a solution to the problems in Northern Ireland?

No. I’m afraid I don’t. All over the world people are killing one another. It seems to me that they should simply stop. The reason they don’t stop has a lot to do with who owns the LAND and the WEALTH and who has the POWER and how it is all shared. I have no influence on the politicians in N. Ireland. I live in Vancouver because it is a peaceful place; no guns, hardly any murders. Human history seems to be a constant story of war and hate. It makes very little sense. People must learn how to live together without hatred.

Do you think Declan is happy in Canada with his new family?

The short answer is YES. He has found people who love him and he no longer wishes to seek revenge on the killers in Ireland.

Has Declan visited Ireland after he had found his new home in Canada?

The story ends with his decision to stay in Canada. The book is fiction, i.e. it is invented (albeit based on actual background facts), so I do not know if he will visit Ireland in the future (future tense). You write in past tense (Has D visited Ireland). It is as though you believe that Declan’s life has continued beyond the pages of the book. Again, it is fiction: Declan’s "life” ended on the final page of the book.

Is it allowed that there can be a love connection between Ana and Declan?

The short answer is YES. They are not related by blood, so it is possible, in the future, assuming a world beyond the pages of the book, that there could be a "love connection.”

Do you think that TORN AWAY is the best book you have written?

This is not really for me to say. It is the job of the critic to judge. Personal opinion is so important. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a wellknown English expression (and perhaps a German one too?). But I have written other books that I like very much, e.g. THE GRAVE, WISH ME LUCK and FLOOD, to name a few. The first one is in Dutch but not yet in German; the second and third ones have been translated into German, FLOOD under the title IM SCHUTZ DES KLEINEN VOLKES.

The last chapter was very good. But the end was a bit too short. Why not a definitive end and not such an opening ending?
My answer is simply that the story ended just when it should, which is at the end. I believe that readers have good imaginations, that they enjoy imagining the predictable but satisfying happy family reunion. There was no need to spell it out or draw pictures. We see that Declan has decided to stay in Canada with his new family. I think that when Matthew and Kate and Ana, feeling sad & depressed after saying goodbye to Declan, see him sitting on the car, waiting for them, they will be excited, overjoyed, ecstatic. How could an ending be any more delicious than this?

The Way of Declan and Matthew

On this map you can see the way of Declan and Matthew after Declan's arriving in Vancouver:
The red line is their way.

Surroundings of Otter Harbour

On the following map you can see the surroundings of Otter Harbour:

Declan's changing behaviour towards animals

On this diagram you can see Declan's behaviour's development towards animals. First when he kills the squirrel (chapter 14) his aggressiveness is very high. When he goes hunting with his uncle (chapter 17) it is lower and at the end there is no aggression and he provides for the seal pup (pp.94110).
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